Norcomp is an impressive company with a substantial history and an extraordinary commitment to customers and principals alike. Integrity is the cornerstone while customer support and service keeps Norcomp above the competition.

Technology awareness and experience are the foundation on which sales are built. Norcomp has insight into leading technology companies helping to drive innovation in the Silicon Valley. They have provided key input into product research and development for over 30 years, which has led to strong long-term relationships that continue to this day. They understand their customers’ core values, business objectives and challenges.

Founded in 1983 with a goal to become a world class sales and support organization, Norcomp continues to strive for that perfection on a daily basis. Norcomp is the largest and most respected manufacturers representative firm in the Valley, with 19 Outside Sales Reps and 7 Support personnel. They have the strongest distribution program in the Valley and
a track record of establishing numerous lines (tiers 1-3) as leaders in the marketplace.

Their success is based on a balanced linecard with synergy and complimentary manufactures to maintain a mix of what
their customers need.